New Blog for The Joyfuls

The Joyful Buddhas is a space of silence, a space where all beings are welcome and encouraged to slow their pace of daily life and enjoy each & every moment. Incorporating yoga, dance, massage, energy balance, meditation and more, The Joyful Buddhas offers many tools to help balance, heal & rejuvenate all souls. All therapists & instructors perform & guide with a pure sense of loving kindness and joy.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

During the practice of yoga, combining movement, mind & breath, one becomes submersed in the moment, the here and now. Being truly present is a magical experience, an experience which can be attained through the practice of yoga & meditation. The majority of society today live hectic & demanding lives, resulting in a mind that is rarely present, a body that is exhausted and stressed, and a breath that is short & shallow. Our aim at the Joyful Buddhas is to relax, rejuvenate and ground all who enter our doors. Relieve the body, mind & spirit of its imbalances before they manifest into something more serious.

At the Joyful Buddhas we are also passionate about working with children, our future generation. Children, as young as 4 are guided to look within, tapping into their inner world of love, creativity & knowledge. We aim to empower children to value their uniqueness, to enjoy their own space, to be aware of their thoughts and feelings & feel great about who they are.