A story of struggle, determination and courage.

A story of struggle, patience, determination and courage.

Two caterpillars spent many weeks eating lush vegetation, knowing that the nutrition they were accumulating would prepare them for their future. They were to ingest as much food and nutrition as possible, so they may be strong and fulfill their destinies as butterflies, living a life of freedom and living true to themselves.

When the caterpillars felt they had all the strength and nutrition they needed within their bodies, they toiled and toiled to form cocoons so that the transformation process could begin. They were strong and prepared and understood they were to wait in the cocoon with patience as the internal process took place. They attached their cocoons to two separate trees.

Some time went by, and the caterpillars were patiently waiting and slowly transforming within their cocoons. A passerby noticed one of the cocoons and saw that there was movement from within. The creature inside the cocoon seemed to be struggling as there was obvious movement for quite some time, but little evidence of success in the creature being able to break open the cocoon from within. Only a tiny hole had appeared.

The passerby was kind-hearted and decided he could not watch this suffering any longer. He assisted the creature by cutting open the cocoon with a pair of scissors. Immediately, the creature emerged from the opened cocoon. The creature looked like a butterfly, but had a huge heavy body, with tiny, frail wings which were not fully formed. The butterfly tried to fly away, but was unable to support its heavy body with the frail, unformed wings, so it walked away and was never able to fulfill its true destiny.

The other cocoon went unnoticed and the creature within continued the struggle with patience, determination and with the strength and nutrition its had accumulated before its time in the cocoon. At times, the creature struggled hard, with little progress, and sometimes, it took a rest, to gather its strength again before the next wave of struggle; all the while, maintaining faith that it would eventually fulfill its true path….. its destiny.

After many cycles of struggle and rest, the creature was able to break a hole in the cocoon and with all its might, determination and courage, squeezed through the hole. During the struggle inside the cocoon and when squeezing through the hole, the fluid containing the nutrition and energy within the caterpillar’s body had been injected into the forming wings and just as the creature emerged from the cocoon, the strong, large, wings filled with energy opened and the butterfly spread its wings and flew.